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VIHAAN works at the grassroots level to fight human trafficking and other forms of abuse and exploitation. We make every effort to empower and protect vulnerable people, provide holistic support and ensure access to legal services to the survivors of trafficking and strengthen community resilience.

Come, join us as we save lives and break the cycle of crime.

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Stories of change

Renewed hope for a child survivor of sexual abuse

These are the sketches drawn by Piya*, a survivor of child sexual abuse depicting her journey.

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Nigerian girls who were trafficked into India are safely back home

Beth and Elsy, young Nigerian women, jumped at a chance when they were offered jobs and promised a passport, visa, flight ticket to India and safe accommodation to take on their jobs.

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Dipmala's inspirational journey of escaping slavery and gaining the power to chart own course

Dipmala's inspirational journey of escaping slavery and gaining the power to chart own course. She lived in a single-room apartment in Kolkata, West Bengal with her single mother after her father’s sudden departure from life.

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Exposure visit to a toy manufacturing factory in Karnataka

What is your favourite toy? This has been a topic of discussion among our skill development training participants this week. Their faces lit up whenever they spoke about their favourite toys.

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Rescued as child labourers, courageous Nili and Alia reshaped their lives' narratives

Caught in the charade of being given a lucrative job in Delhi, Nili* and Alia* were traded to a placement agency and employed as domestic help where they were forced to work up to 18 hours every day.

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Healing Saina with art therapy, counselling, medical aid and legal help

Saina* dreamt of a happy, peaceful and fulfilling long life with her husband when her aunt spoke about her marriage. Little did she know it was a trap for her. Her aunt had already made a deal with a known trafficker.

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Meet Sahena - a sex trafficking survivor turned successful tea shop owner

Sahena* was only in her 20s when she was pulled into the dark world of sex trafficking. She was controlled, beaten and forced to have sex with several different men every day. Her emotions meant nothing to the men who visited her.

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Sonam is no longer on a dangerous trap - you became her safety net!

Early February 2023, we received intel that 14-year-old Sonam* from Darjeeling had gone missing. With the support of our local partner and local government officials, we were able to track her location with her mobile number.

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Education and your kindness are a ray of hope for Neha

With sheer determination and hardworking, Neha finished class 10 with impressive marks. Now, she is in conversation with VIHAAN-appointed community teachers and mentors to take the next step in their lives.

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From work to school: VIHAAN's efforts to reduce vulnerabilities to child labour

14-year-old Sudhir* couldn’t see his palms in the darkness of his room, but he felt intense pain from long-hours of working under gruelling conditions at the steel wire-mesh factory in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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Swathi got her life back because of friends and partners like you

“I have no words to describe what I went through over there. I had no idea where I was and there was no chance to think about leaving. Even if I leave, I didn’t know where to go", 16-year old Swathi said.

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The strength and resilience of a survivor of sex trafficking

When Priya* was in her early teens, she was introduced to the world of social media and mesmerized by it. She enjoyed making friends and communicating with new social connections.

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Bringing light into lives



survivors and vulnerable received training


accused arrested with the help of law enforcement


victims of trafficking rescued


convictions secured, thus disrupting the criminal network


survivors supported through after-care programme


frontline professionals trained on varied topics to address human trafficking

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