Perseverance, persistence and passion flowed through conversations and presentations at our Annual Team Meet 2024held under the theme, ‘Strengthening VIHAAN together’ at Kolkata, West Bengal from 22-25 April 2024.

Setting aspirations and direction

Leaders, executives and employees from all parts of India gathered together to celebrate our achievements, reaffirm our core values, focus on the big picture, strengthen our strategies at the country- and zone-level, set aspirations and accelerate the evolving journey of VIHAAN.

We engaged in rigorous discussions to strengthen our direction and formulate the specific strategic initiatives which are needed to close gaps between the current trajectory of VIHAAN and its aspirations in the fight against human trafficking and other forms of abuse and exploitation.

Considering the diversity and complexity of our work, it was important that each one of us be on board with our direction and convert the strategic initiatives into operating realities. The event was an opportunity to pause to reflect on the skills, get everyone behind the new direction, and ensure that the entire team is collectively accountable for accomplishing it. Discussions were productive and engaging, with employees from different zones seeking clarifications, raising crucial questions and recommending essential actions in implementing the strategy.

The force of coherence

Along with our partners, donors and supporters, we defined the coordinated application of effort to deal with challenges through our unique approach and realise our mission: protect vulnerable women and children from situations of human trafficking by empowering them through education, care and livelihood opportunities and access to justice and enabling the creating of a resilient and sustainable society.

Path forward

It was an incredibly exciting and extremely stimulating four days. Armed with a thorough understanding and sharpened focus to pull important moves, we left the venue brimming with collective confidence to make our fight against human trafficking stronger, fiercer and bolder. We will not stop till we create a world free from abuse and exploitation, where every person lives with dignity.

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