a. Family strengthening programme: The programme aims to educate vulnerable communities about the significance of social security schemes and facilitate access to them to not only capacitate them to avail their rights and entitlements independently but also build their resilience to crime and stabilise their economic situation.

b. Community awareness programme: The objective of this programme is to make communities resilient to situations of human trafficking and other forms of abuse and exploitation. 

c. Capacity building of frontline workers: The objective of this programme is to train and capacitate government and non-government stakeholders to catalyse proactive action, thereby reducing the prevalence of human trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation. Vihaan conducts trainings, capacity building and awareness generation sessions for various stakeholders including different law enforcement agencies, judges, Child Welfare Committee members, District Legal Services Authority, District Women and Child Development, District Child Protection Units, Anganwadi Workers, ASHA workers, teachers, case workers, partner organisations, etc. across multiple sectors. 

d. Convergence with state and non-state actors: This initiative is founded on the concept that department-based silo work is not effective in tackling complex crimes like human trafficking and other forms of abuse and exploitation. Therefore, we propose inter-departmental collaboration and private-public partnership. Towards this end, one of our programmes aims at organising and conducting convergence meetings in districts of our intervention, which have representatives from different government departments and NGOs working on the issue.

  • Economically strengthen vulnerable families by linking them to at least one social protection scheme
  • Communities will report instances where the occurrence of situations of human trafficking and other forms of abuse and exploitation has been prevented through collaborative action.
  • Capacitated stakeholders will use the training in their workplaces to combat issues of human trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

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