Our vision

Our vision is to create a world free from abuse and exploitation, where every person lives with dignity.

Our mission

Our mission is to protect vulnerable women and children from situations of human trafficking by empowering them through education, care and livelihood opportunities, and access to justice and enabling the creation of a resilient and sustainable society.

Our unique approach

End-to-end casework

Our approach of end-to-end casework focuses on individuals, families and communities vulnerable to or affected by the crime of trafficking. It encompasses prevention, rescue, prosecution, rehabilitation and reintegration.


Our multi-disciplinary unit brings together a team of social workers, case workers, lawyers, researchers and community development professionals throughout the survivor life-cycle, ensuring a holistic perspective and effective solutions.

Building networks and capacitating stakeholders

We believe in the immense power of partnerships and collaborate with a network of stakeholders such as police officials, community-based organisations, corporates, foundations, activists and philanthropic organisations at different levels to generate awareness, build capacity and achieve lasting impact.

Evidence generation

We assess internal and external data sets to build scientific evidence. Internally, we engage in activities/initiatives as well as analyse whether they manifest favourable outputs and outcomes. Externally, we examine data sets to understand the situation of trafficking and existing gaps, loopholes and good practices within the system. We believe that to tackle human trafficking, crime needs to be understood as an issue in its own right, and therefore, strategies that are specific to the issue need to be developed and implemented.

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