Financial independence and economic empowerment are critical to help prevent the victimisation of the vulnerable and survivors of human trafficking. To cater to their needs, Vihaan has launched tailor-made skill training programmes for young girls in shelter homes and in the community.

Our community centre - known as Asmi Kendra - is located in an active source area and a hotspot for human trafficking. The programmes offer a combination of life skill training, basic literacy, computer skills, one-to-one counselling and vocational training. We ensure job placements or entrepreneurial opportunities for at least 50% of our trainees.


    • Supported with sustainable livelihood opportunities.
    • Emotionally and socially stable with greater self-confidence and decision-making power.
    • Empowered to face life's challenges and meet their dreams and aspirations.
    • Protected from victimisation to situations of human trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

    Stories of change

    Exposure visit to a toy manufacturing factory in Karnataka

    What is your favourite toy? This has been a topic of discussion among our skill development training participants this week. Their faces lit up whenever they spoke about their favourite toys.

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    Meet Sahena - a sex trafficking survivor turned successful tea shop owner

    Sahena* was only in her 20s when she was pulled into the dark world of sex trafficking. She was controlled, beaten and forced to have sex with several different men every day. Her emotions meant nothing to the men who visited her.

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