Exposure visit to a toy manufacturing factory in Karnataka

What is your favourite toy? This has been a topic of discussion among our skill development training participants this week. Their faces lit up whenever they spoke about their favourite toys.

It began with a field exposure visit to a toy manufacturing unit of Aequs Private Limited at Belagavi, Karnataka during mid-July. Aequs is a leading engineering company and holds contracts for manufacturing toys for some of the big brands across the globe.

The day was fun-filled and insightful for 40 girls who come from poor backgrounds. With limited education and no employment opportunity, these girls were vulnerable and at risk of being exploited or trafficked.It is changing now. They are the learners of our skill development training programmes, equipping themselves to enter the job market confidently.

Through exposure visits, they get an opportunity to learn in real and practical situations thus enhancing their knowledge levels as well as reducing the fear of workspaces.Our Skill development and livelihood generation programme focuses on ensuring vulnerable people receive the necessary support and skill training to earn and sustain their livelihood thus reducing their vulnerabilities to trafficking.

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