Based on information about possible situations of human trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation, Vihaan,assisted by the police, undertakes rescue operations to remove children and enslaved women from situations of exploitation.

We facilitate the arrest of traffickers and other accused, thereby disrupting the criminal network and breaking the cycle of crime.


    • Reduction in the prevalence of crime through deterrence facilitated by arrest and imprisonment of the accused
    • A safe and secure space ensured for every victim removed from situations of exploitation

    Stories of change

    Sonam is no longer on a dangerous trap - you became her safety net!

    Early February 2023, we received intel that 14-year-old Sonam* from Darjeeling had gone missing. With the support of our local partner and local government officials, we were able to track her location with her mobile number.

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    Swathi got her life back because of friends and partners like you

    “I have no words to describe what I went through over there. I had no idea where I was and there was no chance to think about leaving. Even if I leave, I didn’t know where to go", 16-year old Swathi said.

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