Young teenage girls Rani* and her friend Shaheen*, 16 and 18 years respectively, were trafficked from Bangladesh to India.

Rani was falsely promised a job by her neighbour to help her bear medical expenses for her mother’s kidney treatment. Shaheen, Rani’s friend too, was made a similar offer by the neighbour. Little did they realise the dark intentions of this neighbour. The neighbour traded them to traffickers to take them across the border. 


With the intel received, the Railway Police Force of Delhi intercepted them en route to the capital and rescued the girls. After the rescue operation, they were rehabilitated to a safe shelter by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and staying there since February 2022. 


The case was referred to VIHAAN by the CWC in November 2022, and the process of repatriation had been initiated. After a lot of paperwork and networking with the different government departments of both countries, the girls were finally sent back to their country Bangladesh on 31 May 2023 escorted safely by team Vihaan and the Delhi police. 


Owing to law enforcement’s vigilance and team Vihaan’s intervention the girls are now safely back in their country and a secure environment. 


Contributions from donors and partners like you help us enable to make sure each child’s life matters. We thank you for your continued support.

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