Recognising the importance of our partnership and years of work in the rescue operation of child labourers, VIHAAN has become a part of the Kishanganj District Task Force on Child Labour.

On 21 June 2023, we worked with the Kishanganj (Bihar) District Administration officials and rescued 17 children who were engaged as child labourers. They performed hazardous tasks in the market areas of the Kishanganj district of Bihar. First Information Reports (FIR) have been filed on nine employers. Together with the District Child Protection Unit, VIHAAN has taken responsibility for the long-term rehabilitation of the rescued children.

We continue to intensify our efforts to safeguard the rights of the children by working closely with police officials and governments who are in bonded or forced labour and ensure that necessary policies are put in place and reduce the vulnerabilities of children from being trafficked for labour such as sexual slavery, domestic servitude, services in manufacturing units, factories or brick kilns and beggary.

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