The sight of the first sunrise of the new year is just a few hours away – and when we look back at 2023, our hearts are filled with so much gratitude and overwhelmed with your support and generosity.

Your gift has made it possible for thousands of children, young girls and women to move on with their lives, leaving behind the dark past and dark world of human trafficking. 

They are no more the victims. They fought back.

And now, they are students. They are entrepreneurs. They are job holders in reputed corporates. 

We have captured our 2023 journey in this video. Join us to celebrate their new beginnings.

258 vulnerable rural children and survivors of human trafficking received remedial coaching, academic support, financial aid and life skills education. 

646 children attended our school awareness programmes and learnt about child rights and child protection.

323 girls are equipped with varied employability skills through our skill development training programmes while 111 girls have currently been employed in major companies. 

61 victims were removed from situations of human trafficking and started new chapters in their lives. 

207 cases of human trafficking have received legal support and our lawyers’ strong arguments have resulted in the rejection of 126 bails, five conviction orders with 11 accused behind bars and INR 18,84,000 compensation amount to 11 victims.

12 foreign nationals (including minor children), who were trafficked into India are now safely back in their home countries. 

171 survivors received medical, educational, nutritional and counselling support, and the year 2024 will be a brand-new start for them. 

1,735 stakeholders – representatives from NGOs, government functionaries, police officials, community members and youth groups attended 24 capacity-building sessions on awareness of child rights, child protection, human trafficking laws and legislations, and procedures for handling trafficking cases.  

Your ongoing commitment means the world to the vulnerable children and women, and survivors of human trafficking. 

Thank you for being there. We really couldn’t do without you.

Best regards,

Samir Baptist,

Chief Executive Officer, VIHAAN.

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